11 year old narrates new 4H video promoting summer camps

One of the many projects the University if Tennessee's Institute of Agriculture supports is 4-H.

The century old program has evolved from focusing on farming to now featuring a broad range of activities.

A new video will spread the word about 4-H summer camp.

Chuck Denney with the UT Institute of Agriculture is making a new video to recruit kids for 4-H camp. He said already more than 4,000 Tennessee children attend a 4-H camp each summer in three locations: Greeneville, Crossville and Columbia.

"We've got some real cool camps. Zip lining, archery, just everything, canoeing, all kinds of stuff at camp. It's a great experience," he said.

He visited the 4-H camps to find children for the video.

Katie Harris was was on of them. "Mr. Chuck came over to me at camp and wanted to interview me for a new 4-H video," she said.

Denney said, "I interviewed Katie, I shot this interview, and I was so impressed with her personality and enthusiasm. She was just funny and just natural and about half way home between Greeneville and Knoxville it occurred to me, duh, she's your narrator."

Katie Harris lives in Dayton Tennessee in Rhea County. The 11 year old's performing background includes singing at church and more.

"Now I'm in CCS's, Chattanooga Christian School's, musical and now I'm doing this. So I've come a long way," she said.

She appreciates all the behind the scenes work to make a video.

"At first I didn't realize it but now, yikes, it's a lot to do to get it," Katie said.

Denney explained, "This video is for young kids to entice them to come to camp. So you can see why I picked Katie because they can relate to Katie not to an adult."

Katie is a quick study. Earlier in the day she cut audio in a sound booth and then she worked on the on-camera parts of the video.

She ran through her lines several times, adding a different smile or gesture each time.

The last take was a keeper.

"'I've been doing this a long time. I like to think I know when someone's a natural and she is perfect for this," Denney said.

Katie Harris will be the face of 4-H camp for several years to come

"I really hope it helps kids go to 4-H camp more because it's really fun," she said.


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