A miniature town sprang from her imagination

(WBIR-West Knoxville ) A woman in West Knoxville makes little houses. They are not for play but for display.

Charlotte Brown house used to feature a typical living room and dining room. But now that part of her house is Charlottetown.

"I have a whole town. I have barns, a church, I have multiple cabins, I have a grist mill. And I'm not done yet. I'm still building," she said.

She started building about five years ago.

"Just in the last five years I decided to build these cabins I've seen in my mind for the last 20 years," she said. "My first house took me eight months to build and that's because I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't have any experience working with wood. But now I can build one in about three months."

Charlotte had no carpentry experience and does not work from a drawing or blue print, just the picture in her mind.

"I just go in my shop and my vision tool just takes over and that's how I build them," she explained.

She builds them from scratch. She finds old barns that have fallen down and uses that wood in her cabins. She even built one to look like it was falling down. So far she's created about two dozen buildings to fill our her town.

"My General Store I think is my favorite. It has so much detail and I did a lot of work trying to make it look authentic," she said.

They are not doll houses or toys. The barn wood is real.

"It has splinters," she said.

She's always looking forward to her next creation so she keeps an inventory of furniture and people to fill those future cabins.

"I go to antique shops and just different places," she said.

She would love to sell Charlottetown to a place somewhere nearby, perhaps Dollywood.

"It's so amazing. And I think it needs to be out there where people can see it," she said.

Even then, Charlotte Brown's house will remain Charlottetown.

"When they're gone they'll be others to replace it."

To learn more about Charlottetown, email here at browncl53@aol.com


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