Kids keep learning this summer to be ready for school

As the school year begins, students will have to buckle down to study.

That can be tougher than you think because kids can lose some of what they learned last school year over the summer.

One program combating that problem is a summer camp with a twist.

"Summer Brain Gain" is a way to prevent learning loss over the summer break.

"We learn a lot of things in Summer Brain Gain," 10 year old Kamron Smith said. "I like learning the most. I like how they teach us stuff. And the staff are nice, very nice here so I like it."

On one recent day, kids at the Boys & Girls Clubs of theTennessee Valley were learning about weather and climate.

"We had three different types of clouds that we could do: stratus, cirrus, and cumulus. We could choose one of those to do a little situation and then you write a poem with it about it," 10 year old Lydia Baxter said.

The younger children expressed what they've learned with a craft project. While the older kids used a computer program to create storms.

The approach uses a variety of activities to accommodate different learning styles.

"You may have one child who really learns by listening. You may have another child who actually learns by doing. Then you're able to reinforce all of those different learning styles with their technology, or with drawing, or with singing or dancing and different types of things," Polly Johnson with Boys and Girls Club said.

She has seen the difference Summer Brain Gain has made for the children.

"If they're excited about learning that is definitely going to spill over into the classroom. And that's what we want to do. We want to supplement things that are happening in the classroom, support their academic success, so they can be successful all the way around," she said.

Ten year old Amelia Fuentes said, "When you do Summer Brain Gain you learn a lot and then so when you go back to school you won't be like what do I do, I don't remember anything."

Kamron considers how he would have spent his summer without Summer Brain Gain.

"Probably sit down on the couch and watch TV. Was this better than sitting on the couch and watching TV? Yes," he said.

Polly Johnson said, "If you can make the kids get excited about learning you know that you are definitely on the right track."

Kamron said, "I'm going to be prepared for school."


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