Mother / daughter team takes on creative cake making

(WBIR-South Knoxville) Her inner creative baker just wasn't finding fulfillment in a series of corporate jobs. Then Emily Herndon and her mother took a cake decorating class and discovered a talent for it.

"More and more people were asking us to do cakes for them and hey can you make a cake like this can you do a cake like that and I was like I've never made a cake like that but why not," Emily Herndon said.

What was a part time hobby evolved in to a part time job and then a full time business in Chapman Plaza in South Knoxville.

"I said mom I think we are confectionistas instead of fashionistas. We work in cake fashion so we confectionistas so I think we should call that the name of our business so it stuck," she said.

Confectionista's Kitchen is a mother / daughter collaboration offering cupcakes and cookies and cakes and specializing in fancy concoctions.

"We do a lot of wedding cakes in the white almond. People seem to really like that," she said.

Wedding cakes are top sellers but they make cakes for all occasions and some are quite unusual.

"I did a bleeding armadillo for a friend of mine. That was the first cake that I actually tried my hand at doing something novel and unique. So we did a bleeding armadillo," she said. "We have done a cigar box cake and it was huge. It was the size of a microwave. It had to feed about a hundred people. We did a cake that had a skydiver on it so it looked like he was sky diving through the air."

From pirate ships to popcorn to a cow eating hay to angry birds. She's even created a monster cake to munch on. A recent favorite request was a zombie cake.

"We had the bride and groom on top of the cake and then we had zombies climbing up the side of the cake and there was blood running down the sides of the cake and it was a groom's cake for a wedding. So we've done a couple that have kind of pushed the boundaries of what a traditional wedding cake or groom's cake would be," she said.

Emily's made tasty versions of both Turner Field and Neyland Stadium.

She said the most challenging cake to construct was a gnome.

"Getting his body and then putting his head on and making sure his head was on straight... He had a big hat on so I had to get his hat on and just making sure construction wise it would stay together and they could actually take it out of here and it wouldn't fall over was very challenging," she said.

The cakes look good but they also taste good.

"We want you to have a cake that you want to eat. And people say all the time well it's too pretty to cut or it's too fun to cut I don't want to cut it open. Well we made it for you to eat," she said.

Maybe just snap a picture before you take that first bite.


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