Our Place is a place to relax and perhaps find a book

It's a cozy place where folks show up to hang out and drink coffee, and browse the book selection.

The store is about 20 miles from Gatlinburg tucked into the town of Cosby in Cocke County.

"It's very peaceful out here. We have the mountains right across the street from us and we love it here," Deann Hines said.

She and her husband Harold call their place "Our Place."

"We like to feature local people. We do cement bears that are made by a local guy, hand made soaps, hand made soy candles, you name it. We like to do a little bit of everything," she explained.

And they also sell books.

"We go to big book sales several times a year. I load down the car. My husband cringes at the car weighted down," she said. "We do call it organized chaos. But we really have great books and everything is very reasonably priced."

Deann knows exactly where to find a certain book. Everything is in categories and sub categories.

"So if you want something on yogurt and cheese we have a yogurt and cheese section. If you want kids books they're all categorized," she said.

Yogurt and cheese? She said they have a lot of vegetarian customers.

She loves to see the reaction of first time customers.

"They walk in and they simply say wow. Then they grab a cup of coffee and they get lost for hours," she said.

The aroma of coffee is delicious.

"We have a joke about the $50 cup of coffee. You come in for a cup and then you're walking out with arm loads of stuff," she said with a laugh.

They don't have to travel far to get to work. A building right on Highway 321 in Cosby is their house. Right behind it is Our Place.

"We live out front and we basically roll down the stairs everyday," she said.

They roll into a bigger space now with the addition of a whole room dedicated to fiction.

"This is the place to come and just kick around and see what you find because you never know what you'll find here," she said.

You'll find friendly faces and coffee and a lot of variety. Even books on yogurt and cheese.


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