Senior bowler still throws strikes at age 97

Her style has changed over the years but she's still got it

(WBIR-North Knoxville) We all hope to age gracefully and enjoy a healthy retirement. It's not always possible but is certainly a goal.
One East Tennessean is pushing 100 and not slowing down.

Once a week, seniors gather at Strike and Spare bowling alley in North Knoxville. The most senior is Ruby Miller a real gem.

"I can see the pins but I can't see the dots and darts but I know where they are because I have bowled so long," she said.

How long?

"Since 1954," she said. "You want to know how old I am? I'm 97."

Her bowling score these days is higher than that and it used to be even higher.

"It was over 200 but I don't remember what it was. It's been too long," she said.

Ruby is a regular at Strike and Spare. She rarely misses a chance to bowl.

"I like everybody in here. Everybody in here is my friend," she said.

Everybody seems to have a Ruby story.

Bill McMillan recalled, "Ruby went up to the line and as she delivered her ball she fell. Like 30 people gathered around her and they said are you hurt? No. Are you sure you're not hurt? Only my pride. Got right back up and kept going."

Billy Majors said, "I was seven years old and she would throw this ball and it would hook right into the pocket and I wanted to learn how to do that and so it took a lot of practice and she had a lot patience with me how to move left, right, up, back to make the ball do that."

He's bowled dozens of perfect games since those early days when Ruby helped him.

"We were bowling with her way back when. She was a rock star and we wanted to be just like her," Billy said.

The rock star bowler still looks good and plays well. After all these years she still doesn't have a ritual before she throws the ball.

"I just wonder if I'm going to hit the pins," she said.

Usually she hits a lot of them and the other bowlers take notice.

"I've had four heart attacks, I've died four times, five bypasses done, if Ruby can do it then I can do it," Bill said.

Ruby said, "I don't bowl as good as I used to but I try real hard."


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