This isn't your grandfather's yearbook

One East Tennessee high school is transforming a traditional yearbook with technology.

The yearbook staff at Alcoa High School works on computers and uses templates to lay out the Alcoa Aluminator.

Co-editors Kaila Stanifer and Janelle Brown guide the process and appreciate the memories they're capturing.

"Say you had won a championship in a sport, you would be able to go back and remember that day be able to explain it to your kids or your grandkids," Kaila Stanifer said.

With an older traditional yearbook students would have been excited just to have pictures in color. This year Alcoa High School is taking it to a whole new level.

"We're going to have videos in there to show everybody else what we did and the fun memories," she said.

Janelle Brown said, "We're trying to formulate our Instagram spread which is difficult but we're getting there." 16:51

Instagram? Videos?

They're adding those elements with Quick Response Codes or QR Codes.

"Basically the QR code is linked to a web page and it will pull up that web page and give you more information like I said videos or extra pictures," Keenan Sudderth said.

He is a freshman with a knack for technology.

"We can go beyond just a page in the yearbook," he said.

He showed how an App on a smart phone makes that possible on a mockup of a ground breaking page.

"You just hover over it and let it focus and it would pull up a page," he demonstrated. "This is the actual video of the ground breaking."

QR Codes let the yearbook staff add extra elements for their classmates to enjoy.

"It's your high school year book. You're going to be able to look back at it twenty years from now and be able to show who your friends were and what you did or your accomplishments," Kaila said.

Years from now when they're flipping through those pages will that extra information still exist?

Keenan said, "Well it just depends. Technology changes every day and we don't know what's going to happen in technology."

No matter what happens, the students are creating a lasting memory with stories and pictures. The Alcoa Aluminator inspires classmates to use their talents: Janelle and Kaila editing and Keenan concentrating on QR Codes.

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