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It's a construction competition with canned food. So of course it is called "Can-struction."

The finished can sculptures are on display at the Knoxville Convention Center. You can see them in person all week and vote online for the people's choice award.

It took a lot of planning and a long day of building to put together the structures that will help feed the hungry.

Holiday themed sculptures emerged at the Knoxville Convention Center downtown Friday one can at a time.

"We have a good competition between everyone else. All the other five exhibitors, it's all healthy fun," Andy Lorenz with Messer Construction said.

Messer is the presenting sponsor for Canstruction 2013.

"Construction companies, architects, and developers can show their skills and at the same time help feed the hungry," he said.

Canstructionfeatures live construction of colossal structures. Each team had 12 hours to build a structure out of cans of food. They must have a holiday theme. Plywood is allowed and so is clear tape but the cans can't be glued together. Careful engineering keeps the sculptures intact.

"We have a couple of engineers on staff and we utilized CAD to model the structure in CAD to come up with the exact number of cans we needed to order them. And we did a little bit of practicing before hand," Rachel Ragland said.

She is on the Massey Electric team. Their sleigh didn't come together exactly as planned.

"In the process of planning everything out I think we labeled the front the back and the back the front. Ha! We talked about turning it around but we decided we want it the way it ended up anyway. It ended up being the perfect solution because some of the more ornate features ended up being on the front so it was a perfect, happy mistake," she said.

Here are the other teams: Barge, Waggoner, Sumner and Cannon. Moxley Carmichael, Johnson Architecture, Partners Development and University of Tennessee Engineering students.

At the end of the viewing period next week, the sculptures will be dismantled and all the canned food will go to Second Harvest Food Bank. That's about 10,000 cans of food.

"The demand is no greater than it is right now," Elaine Streno said.

Elaine Streno with Second Harvest appreciates what will be a generous food donation and she appreciates the interest of the people on the teams.

"We did have a call from one of the Canstruction teams and we were trying to help them and let them know what's next demanded but this crew looks like they hit it on the nose. The beans and the tomatoes, those are great items for Second Harvest," she said.

And the winner is... Actually, there will be winners is several categories announced next week: jurors favorite, people's choice, structural ingenuity, best use of labels... and even best meal.

"I just walked around and saw some of the ingredients, there's pumpkin, so our partners, the 550 partners in 18 counties that we serve will be thrilled when this gets back to the warehouse," Streno said.

And that's the real winner here.

"No doubt it's feeding the hungry at the holiday season," Andy Lorenz said.

Canstruction schedule:
November 22 Exhibit Open
November 25 Judging
December 3 Exhibit Close
Celebration & Awards
December 4 Food Donation

Vote for your favorite online at:

Participating Teams Include:
• Messer Construction Construction and the Lewis Group Architects
• Barge, Waggoner, Sumner and Cannon, Inc.
• Massey Electric
• Moxley Carmichael, Johnson Architecture, Partners Development
• University of Tennessee Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering>


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