Unique mosquito-fighting approach in Greeneville

As the weather warms up, some cities are starting to fight mosquitoes, and the town of Greeneville has a unique approach.

Public works crews drop briquettes in the storm drains and in standing water to kill mosquito larvae. The town started doing it about 12 years ago when the West Nile virus scare started.

Each briquette lasts about 150 days.

Officials say it's cheaper and easier than spraying roads.

"The way I understand the spray, you have to reapply those probably monthly, whereas these are designed to last the whole mosquito season. So they seem to last a bit longer than the spray does," said Brad Peters, Greeneville Public Works director.

We also spoke to Neal Denton from the UT Ag Extension office about mosquitoes. He said if you're looking to keep them away this summer an oscillating fan is good for your porch. Mosquitoes aren't strong fliers so any air movement usually keeps them away.


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