How to avoid frozen pipes, broken heaters

Frozen pipes, broken heaters, and high electricity bills-- the frigid temperatures, especially early next week, have the potential to cause big headaches for homeowners.

If you weren't prepared for the round of below freezing temperatures Friday, you may have a window this weekend to make sure your house is ready for single digit temps next week.

Hiller Plumbing says pipes bursting are a possibility. They suggest:

-Closing all vents to crawl spaces. If the vents don't close-- use cardboard or foam to insulate them.
-Allowing a couple of faucets in your home to drip, especially faucets on exterior walls.
-Making sure your pipes are insulated. You can use heat tape from a supply store or call a plumber.

Pioneer Heating and Air Conditioning said with many people cranking up with heat, homeowners should:

-Maintain the same temperature all day and night so you don't put too much stress on the unit.
-Change your filter once a month.
-Have a maintenance check once a year for cleaning.


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