We all scream for ice cream no matter what the weather

(WBIR-Athens) This winter we have experienced falling temperatures and falling snow. It has been cold, but it's never too cold for ice cream.

"Are you really excited about eating some ice cream?" tour guide Toni Morrow asked a group of excited second graders from Ingleside Elementary School.

The students had to wear cherry colored hair nets for a recent ice cream tour at Mayfield Dairy Plant in Athens. Even Scottie Mayfield himself put one on.

Toni Morrow with the Moo Crew was the tour guide. First stop wasn't ice cream but milk which is also tasty when it's cold. The eager second graders saw how Mayfield's signature yellow jogs are made with blow molding. Then they followed the jug conveyors to another room.

The plant produces 200,000 gallons of milk and juice a day, sends out about 3,000,000 half pints a week to schools, and produces 50,000 gallons of ice cream a day

The ice cream goes round and round, packed in to containers, destined to be someone's dessert. Seeing ice cream is interesting but not as fun as...

"Who here is ready to eat some ice cream?" Toni asked. "Wooooooo!" responded the young tour group.

The Moo Crew can make that happen.

The top selling ice cream flavors are vanilla and Moose Tracks but everyone on the tour had a favorite.

Teacher Joyce Duncan said, "I think it's chocolate chip but then sometimes I think chocolate chip cookie dough. But then there's moose tracks and there's always one big chunk of chocolate you just have to keep digging to the end of the bowl to get it."

Other favorites include vanilla, chocolate, birthday cake, and Super Cal which is served at the end of the tour.

Scottie Mayfield has a favorite, too.

"I'm so boring I had vanilla last night but right now in our freezer we've got vanilla, vanilla bean, mint chocolate chips, and extreme moose tracks. So we are kind of a little diverse," he said.

So how does he keep him trim physique?

"I was at the Y this morning at 6:00," he said with a laugh.

Some of the new flavors Mayfield will soon ship to grocery stores include Divine Indulgence and Chocolate Cup Cake.


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