Chopping down your own Christmas tree this holiday

With the holidays less than a month away, one Christmas tree farm is preparing for the rush. Only this tree farm is different than one you would find along the side of the road. Here you cut down your own tree.

House Mountain Christmas Tree Farm sold its first tree in 1997. That was seven years after Zach and Norma Henry created the farm. During the seven years, the Henrys grew their supply and prepared for the future. A future of Christmas tree shopping and chopping.

Business has been great for Norma Henry on her tree farm this year. Despite the rain over last weekend, she has seen customers.

"I think they make a memory of bringing their children out and letting them play and run through the trees. They choose their trees and bring their dogs to run and exercise," said Henry.

Tyler Wehr and Gabrielle O'Brien are new to town and took a trip to House Mountain to kick off the season.

"We decided to pick I guess the biggest tree here so we have been busy chopping away at it," said Wehr.

They were able to have an experience you don't normally have when you just buy a tree.

"It's kind of like a family thing. Something you can tell our kids once we get older and once we have kids that daddy spent 20 minutes chopping down a tree," said O'Brien.

"It's good to see all of the people that's been coming and we have had lots of new people. It's been good, but it's been sad," said Henry.

The reason Henry is sad is because her husband Zach lost the battle against Leukemia this past spring and can no longer share their favorite season together.

"I think he enjoyed the work as well as having all the people that we meet each year come back and it was like family to us," said Henry.

Henry and her husband created the farm as a post-retirement project. She says she knows he is looking down smiling at their creation.

Henry's farm sells three different kinds of Christmas trees in a number of different sizes. She sells up to 300 trees a year. You can find White Pine, Leland Cyprus, and Red Cedar trees on her property.


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