Rock-throwing vandals caught on camera

(WBIR-Knox County) A landlord in North Knox County caught vandals on camera throwing rocks into cars parked at his complex, and now he's hoping the surveillance video helps officials catch the troublemakers.

Back in June, Davy Crockett, who owns eight units on Murray Drive, off Clinton Highway, had the back window to his SUV shattered.

"We figured that we would probably be hit again. We put up the security cameras, and yup, we were hit again," said Crockett.

Surveillance video captured on one of eight cameras shows a pickup truck drive by, with two men in the bed, and one of them throw a rock into a parked vehicle.

"I think they're just vandalizing, having fun," said Crockett. "But it's my duty to protect the tenants."

On September 23rd, one renter had their vehicle hit, putting a small hole in the side panel.

"That's over an $800 repair" said Crockett. "And then another tenant had a guest and their car was hit, the window broken."

Renters said they hope the surveillance video will help deputies catch the vandals.

"People out here they work jobs that are hard to find, for one, to pay their car. And they need cars to get to and from work to support their families," said Terrance Stricklin, who provides for his wife and 6-month-old child.

Crockett said he paid a private company to use his video to try and find identifying information.

"Now the thing is, it's a very unique truck. It is a two-tone truck. The tailgate has a GMC sticker it looks like on it. But the front end looks like a Chevy," said Crockett. "Somebody will know that truck."

According to the Knox County Sheriff's Office, the investigation is ongoing. Officials said while they have seen the video, the truck is moving too fast for detectives to read the license plate.

"We're going to find you. If i have to hire a private detective it's all going to be coming back to you with lawsuits so you might as well turn yourself in," said Crockett.

"I really hope they catch the guy. I mean people around here work hard. They're quiet. Nobody bothers anybody around here," said Stricklin.


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