Oneida man runs 56 miles for cancer awareness


A Scott County man ran more than 50 miles Saturday, and not just for exercise, but to help a friend. After finding out Erica Byrd was diagnosed with cancer for the second time, he wanted to help.

Trinity Smith ran from Clinton to Oneida.

He looks at it is a way to raise awareness. He ran 56 miles through East Tennessee to rally in supporters.

Bryd is hospitalized after being diagnosed with cancer the second time in her life.

Around five years ago, she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

This happening around the same time her son Gabriel was born.

For the past two years, doctors couldn't find any trace of the cancer. But she was diagnosed with Leukemia in January.

"Shes struggling but shes doing better. She's had a hard road," said Byrd's dad Wayne Todd.

Her cousin Kc Hicks wanted to help. She helped set up a fundraiser which involved dinner and the promise that Smith would show up after running more than 50 miles.

A path that started at the Walgreens in Clinton and ended at the Walgreens in Oneida.

"She's going through it bad. Every day she's going through this. I only had to do this one day, I would have to be crazy not to help," said Smith.

The supporters lined the parking lot awaiting Smith's arrival.

They gave him a round of applause when he crossed the finish line.

"When you see people do like this like Trinity, helping people, doing this for your daughter, not only my kids but other kids out here in the same shape. It will break your heart, and it will lift you up," said Todd.

Todd said they are raising money a number of ways.

This is not the first time Smith has dedicated a run to Byrd. When she was originally diagnosed with cancer about five years ago, Smith ran a 24 hour run. This helped raise awareness and money for Bryd in her time of need.

One way is through t-shirts and these fundraisers, but another way is through a book of poems written by Bryd.

The poems were written during her first fight against cancer. You can order her book, No White Flags, at

If you were unable to attend Saturday's fundraiser, you can mail checks to the Walgreens in Oneida at 19600 Alberta St, Oneida, TN 37841.


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