Search continues for 5-year-old killed in cabin fire

Authorities are continuing their search for the remains of a 5-year-old Indiana boy who died in a Sevier County Cabin Fire.

Sevier County Fire Marshal Jay Breeden revealed on Monday that the fire, which claimed the lives Tyveon Temple, 5, and his step-grandfather, Ricky Hudson, 56, started in the front of the cabin. He said crews have yet to determine what caused the fire.

Breeden said authorities are currently "grid searching" the property by looking at a little portion of the debris field space-by-space.

He said crews are collecting debris in 5-gallon buckets and then searching them soon after.

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"We have an anthropologist from the UT Forensic Center at every screen there," Breeden said.

He added that the cabin had 7 bedrooms. Twenty-two people were staying there at the time of the fire.

Sevier County Planning Director Jeff Ownby said that is not against the law.

WBIR 10News also learned the cabin had no sprinkler. Ownby said, under current codes, they are now required to have that tool.

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However, he said officials never inspected the cabin before it burned because it was built at a time when Sevier County did not have building codes and an inspection unit.

"There are thousands of cabins in this county, as you well know, so it would be impossible to go back and require them all to meet current code," Ownby said.

State officials recommend that visitors take a long look at the cabins they rent before they stay in them.

"Before planning a vacation, before you're going to ask how close to the beach you are, or is it all inclusive, another question should be, is there a sprinkler, when was the last time you changed your smoke alarm?" said Katelyn Abernathy, the spokesperson for the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance. "Fire safety needs to be a part of our travel plans."

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