Knox deputies arrest 4 in drug investigation

On Wednesday, Knox County deputies made a string of arrests as they continued an investigation into drug activity.

Members of the Knox County Sheriff's Office's SWAT team searched three different houses.

In the morning they went to 2121 Maryland Avenue where they discovered marijuana, crack cocaine and two weapons. They arrested one man there, Jaqwan Nevels, 23, on drug and weapons charges.

Next they went to another Lonsdale home at 3116 Rector Avenue. Deputies found even more crack cocaine and marijuana at that home. They also found several thousand dollars in cash and three weapons.

The Knox County Sheriff's Office arrested Willie Rufus Clark, Jr., 40, Willie Paine, 59, and 32-year-old Travis Clark on drug and weapons charges.

The day's activity concluded at 837 Lester Road in South Knoxville. One person was detained at that location, but authorities did not comment on what they discovered in that home.

Ron Brown has lived in that community for 50 years. He said the tenants at 837 Lester Road had become a nuisance.

"There was people in and out of there all times of the day," he said.

Brown said he never saw drug activity at the house, but it has always been a point of concern. He said just several years ago, deputies were called to a shooting near that house.

Ever since then, people in the area have been on the lookout for crime. Brown said they formed a neighborhood watch group that kept a close eye on 837 Lester Road.

"We took license numbers, auto descriptions," he said.

And, authorities say their efforts made an impact.

"All of this has been under investigation, but because of tips and call-ins from concerned neighbors, that this has sped up our investigation, especially in this area," said KCSO spokesperson Martha Dooley.

She said none of Wednesday's raids were connected. The Knox County Sheriff's Office added that all of the people arrested Wednesday have had previous run-ins with the law.


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