Speedwell family finds prized wedding rings among debris

The EF-3 tornado that ripped through Speedwell on Sunday left behind devastation, but now families are starting to pick up the pieces and get their lives back together.

One family is finding much more than their personal items; they're finding a little bit of comfort.

"I have seen a lot of people that have been victimized by storms and floods but I've never walked in their shoes, now I know how that feels," said Sheriff David Ray as he looked over the pile of what remains of his home.

His mother-in-law was unable to grab her most prized possessions before the storm hit and the home was destroyed.

"Very lucky to find my wife's mother's ring, her engagement ring, along with her wedding band," said the sheriff.

The 83-year-old widow treasured her rings and was relived to find them among the rubble.

Sheriff Ray said those rings were the last things of value they were able to salvage from his destroyed home.


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