Students learn lessons about 9/11 as 15th anniversary approaches

There are kids today who have no memory of the terrorist attacks 15 years ago, so teachers are working to teach them about this important time in history

With Sunday marking the 15th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, many schools took the opportunity to talk about the attacks on Friday.

These lessons are becoming even more important as there are now kids in high school who have no memory of the 9/11 attacks because they weren’t even born yet.

Teachers face the task of making sure this generation of children learns and never forgets the lessons of 9/11.

At Christian Academy of Knoxville, teachers say the best way to get students interested is for them to find some kind of personal connection, so the children interviewed parents and relatives about their memories of September 11th.

"The parents can give them some background information on the day, how it affected them. Just really sparks some good discussion at home as well as at school," said CAK history teacher Melissa Davenport.

Through those conversations, a lot of the students learned they have family members with very personal connections to the attacks. Some of their parents were personal friends or coworkers with people who died in the attacks.

"I'm so sorry for their families because every second people are dying inside the buildings. And people that are trying to go in and rescue them are dying,” said sixth grader Maeve Nickloes.

"Like, just thinking about those towers falling and everybody running for their lives not to get demolished,” said sixth grader Jenneh Day.

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