UT students wrote down their thoughts about the election (it's not good)

We took a whiteboard to UT's campus and asked students to describe this year's presidential election. The results weren't pretty.

KNOXVILLE, TN - The presidential election is less than 50 days away, but registration numbers among UT students are low. 

We looked at data from the two major voter precincts around the University of Tennessee and found that with each of the past 3 elections, the average number of registrations has significantly dropped: 

2008: 3,697

2012: 2,806

2016: 1,289

We took a whiteboard to campus and asked students to describe this year's election. The results weren't pretty. 

Some of their responses: 'disinterested,' 'lose-lose,' 'unhealthy' and 'a joke.' 

Richard Pacelle, head of UT's department of political science, said there are a few reasons student voter registration may be low. 

"First of all, students are just less likely to vote, but I think this election year, they're just unhappy with the choice," he said. 

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