Waitress receives letter from $1,000 tippers

Their dinner lasted less than an hour but two generous diners and a struggling waitress now have a connection that will last much longer than the meal.

The story began on Wednesday when a young married couple having dinner at the Clinton Highway Cheddar's Casual Cafe says they felt inspired by God to leave their waitress a $1,075 tip after a $29 meal.

The story went viral and 10News tracked down the generous tippers who decided to remain anonymous. But they passed along a letter for their server, Khadijah Muhammad, who says she's glad they now know how much she needed their help.

Earlier this month Muhammad rushed to Ohio to be at her mother's bedside after she suffered a heart attack. Her mother recovered, but the waitress' finances suffered while she was away from work. She left for her shift at Cheddar's Wednesday with a KUB disconnection notice on her door.

"It was in a great time of need," said Muhammad.

"That's beautiful, that's very heartwarming," she said after 10News gave her the couple's handwritten note.

"It says that after having my amazing service they knew that the money was supposed to be given to me," said Muhammad " It was just destined to happen."

She says she's also thankful to have the answers to two questions; why did the couple choose her, and how did they decide on $1,075?

The husband and wife told 10News they decided on the act of generosity after hearing a news report about a similar gift on the radio. The family, who recently moved from Ohio, uses the biblical formula when calculating their monthly tithe. A bonus at work and the profitable sale of their old home meant a particularly good month, and $1,075 added up to their 10 percent.

The waitress says she used the cash to pay off her most urgent bills, but she also plans to pay it forward in the future.

"The charity from it will be given," said Muhammad.

And although she had hoped to thank them face to face, she's happy to know they understand her gratitude.

"I think at this point I'll let them go ahead with their lives and I'll continue with mine," said Muhammad. "So, I thank you for this blessing."


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