Women's Hall of Fame honors senior basketball team

If you watch the Tennessee Shooting Stars play basketball, you will be convinced that age is just a number.

"If you think you can beat us, then you have to prove it," said Shooting Stars team member Madge Susong, 73. "We challenge anybody."

The six women on the team are techically in the senior years of their lives, but they play more like seniors in high school.

"We like to show people that just because you're in your 70s and grandmothers and cancer survivors, doesn't mean you can't go and compete and really want to win," said Coach Pat Murphy.

"We all love the hardwood. I've been playing basketball since I was in the 7th grade," said team member, Mary Kelley.

Under Coach Pat Murphy, the team has won three national championships.

'We practice every week and practice against men all the time. Kind of like another team around here that we're really proud of," said Murphy.

Like the greats who've made a name for women's basketball, the Shooting Stars are also getting some recognition.

The Women's Basketball Hall of Fame invited the team to the museum Thursday to show them a new display in their honor.

The display contains pictures of their wins, jerseys, medals, and a photo of the team with Governor Bill Haslam.

"They are not quite the skill level as all those in here [the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame], but one thing we have in common is that we have a passion for the game. They love to play," said Murphy.

The Hall of Fame hopes visitors will be inspired by their fitness.

"I really think it's an honor," said team member, Peggy Ballard.

They also hope visitors see that basketball knows no age limits.

The Shooting Stars are in the age 70-74 age bracket. They are on a 36-game winning streak and won back to back National Championships.


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