Parents say son who snuck on Vegas flight is 'troubled'

(KARE 11 - MINNEAPOLIS) As of Tuesday night, the family of the 9-year-old boy who was a stowaway on a Las Vegas bound flight last week says he could be home in Minneapolis on Wednesday.

Because this is the case of a juvenile and one that now is being handled by county protective services, definitive information is hard to come by since the agency puts the well being of the child first.

The family of this boy claims they have been crying out for help onto deaf ears.

"This family has been reaching out for help. They have been reaching out to agencies, reaching out to folks to get help, and you know from what I hear they have been told the crime isn't big enough," said family spokesman V.J. Smith. "'He hasn't done anything bad enough for him to be put into our program.'"

Smith said the boy's father contacted him for help for the boy in the past. He also reached out to him this week to help him handle the media scrutiny.

What Smith says the family does want known is they have a troubled son and that they are both working and trying to help him.

"I watched the father sit here and cry because he is being a good father to his kids, but sometimes we have kids that get out of line a bit and we need other people to come in and help us," Smith said.

This child's stunt of dodging the security of the TSA and Delta Airlines and fleeing to Vegas may be that final cry for help but it's not the first as of late.

Last Tuesday, authorities believe the same boy stole a delivery truck from a loading dock at United Noodle warehouse near downtown Minneapolis.

Police were called and caught the boy in Minneapolis after he crashed into an Edina squad car.

All of that occurred just 48 hours before he boarded a Las Vegas bound plane for reasons no one seems to know.

"He's very creative. He's got a lot of energy, and he's not this monster, but he's just a kid with a lot of energy and creativity that needs to be channeled into a new direction," Smith said.


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