Teen finds 3.85-carat diamond in state park

(Newser) – A teenage girl got quite a souvenir on a recent trip to Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas: a canary diamond that KWTV says is about the size of a jellybean — i.e., "huge."

Fourteen-year-old Tana Clymer of Oklahoma City was digging in the park with her family on Saturday when she noticed something on the ground that she thought was "a piece of paper or foil from a candy wrapper," she says. Then she touched it and thought it might be "a marble." But no, it was the real deal, and a 3.85-carat one at that.

"I was about to sprint to join my family," says Tana, "and God told me to slow down and look. Then, I found the diamond!"

More than 75,000 diamonds have been found at the aptly-named state park since 1906, and visitors are allowed to keep what they unearth.

The largest diamond ever found in the U.S., the 40.23-carat "Uncle Sam," was found there in 1927, KJRH reports. And in July, a 12-year-old found a 5.16-carat honey brown diamond there.

Tana says she'll either put her diamond in a ring or use it to pay for college, depending on its value.

(In other unusual diamond news, scientists say there's a possibility that it could rain liquid diamonds on Jupiter.)


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