Playing for a cure

6:27 AM, Oct 24, 2012   |    comments
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For Kayla Jeter, wearing pink isn't just a statement, but a story about survival.

"I actually found out during a practice in the spring. My high school principal texted me, and says we're praying for your mom. I was like are you sure this text is for me? Are you sure she meant to send this to me?"

That was the moment that changed Kayla's life.

"I called my mom, and I said 'Mom is everything going ok?' She said 'Ya'. My mom was just like, 'I didn't know how to tell you, but I have breast cancer. And at that moment I lost it."

Kayla's mom Leslie actually found the lump in December and was already going through treatment when her oldest daughter found out.

"I was really confused, and lost, and really kind of hurt that she didn't tell me, but my mom is such a strong woman and for her to tell her that she was in a weak position, I know was so so hard for her."

Doctors convinced Leslie to have her lump tested immediately, and luckily they caught it early. It was stage two breast cancer.

She immediately started chemotherapy, followed by a mastectomy and radiation. Whenever she had a spare moment, Kayla was by her mom side.

"She's doing great. She has one more week of radiation, then she's completely clear of treatment. Cancer free and everything."

"For me it just taught me don't be afraid of it. I'd rather know than not know."












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