Yemi Makenjoula's hidden talent

6:57 PM, Jan 16, 2013   |    comments
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At 6-9, 250 pounds, it's obvious Yemi Makenjoula belonged on a basketball court. The Vols sophomore from Legos, Africa actually grew up playing soccer. Until his family encouraged him to pick up start playing hoops.

The decision brought him to america, and eventually a scholarship at Tennessee. But we learned that Yemi's athletic skills stretch far beyond the hardwood.

Yemi is a self proclaimed ping pong super star, and claims he is the best in the state. He learned to play when he was a kid in Africa.They couldn't afford paddles, so they used sandles. When they couldn't afford tables, they played in cemetaries.

And while Yemi boasts that he's Tennessee's top dog in table tennis, he does have one loss on his resume- Vols wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson.






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