Smokies help tornado victims

6:38 PM, Jun 13, 2013   |    comments
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Growing up in Texas and playing college ball at Oklahoma State, tornado scares are nothing new to Ty Wright

"Every year there was some type of tornado. There was never anything directly towards us in Stillwater, but I know there was threats all around out," said Wright.

Nothing he experienced was remotely close to the residents of Moore, Oklahoma.

"Seeing those kids and the pain they were going through, and that was just the kids. I can't imagine what the parents' pain is going through. You know you send your kids to an elementary school and hope that people are able to take care of them."

Wright didn't have any family or friends personally affected, but knew those victims needed his help. 

"It didn't really occur to me until Mick Gillespie, our radio guy with the Smokies started talking to me about it. He went through a similar situation with the tornadoes in Alabama. I really liked the idea and thought we could put something together," said Wright. 

The Smokies are also continuing to raise funds. For more on a silent auction click here.

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