Maryville at Alcoa one of Friday's premiere games

4:06 PM, Aug 30, 2013   |    comments
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The big game of the week will be Maryville at Alcoa.  This long-standing rivalry is one of the top in the nation.  Both teams are coming off of wins last week to help hype up the players even more for this game, as if that were possible.  Last year Maryville won by almost double, 42-24.  The question is will they be able to hold onto another win?  I think so.

Another good game will be Morristown East at William Blount.  Each of these two teams are coming off of huge wins.  The momentum of the first week of their seasons should prevail for a strong, close game tomorrow night.

Gibbs at Grainger could also play out to be a close game.  Both teams had close calls last week, Grainger was able to come out on top of Union County though.  Gibbs defense will have to step up this week and not allow as many points on the board if they stand a chance against Grainger.

The last game that stands the chance to be close will be Baylor at Webb.  Even though Baylor is coming off of a solid win and Webb is coming off of the loss to the hyped-up game against Maryville, Webb has the home advantage, mentality, and ability to snag a win.  Webb has more talent than Howard, who Baylor beat last week, and this will be more of a challenge for Baylor.  Webb will be coming with determination and aggression from last week's loss.

Two other teams matching up this week that had strong starting weeks, Gatlinburg-Pittman at Greenback.  Greenback's win is a little more impressive, but both will have strong momentum going into this game.

Some games expected not to be close calls though will start off with Fulton at Bearden.  Fulton has a strong team this year that is out for a title.  They won last week against Powell, 46-0.  On the other hand, Bearden lost severely to Sevier County, 27-62.  The Bulldogs are not starting their season off well.

Things are not looking so well for Powell this week as well as they fell to Fulton last week 0-46 and will be facing CAK who is coming off of a win.  CAK clinched a 35-10 win over Franklin Road Academy to start their season off.  They should be able to clinch this second game over Powell as well.

The rest of the featured games had either one or both teams having a bye week last week. 

Heritage at South-Doyle is one of those games that both teams will be coming out completely fresh and ready to play. 

The remaining three featured games had one of the teams play last week.  All three ended their Friday night with a loss.

Karns will be at Hardin Valley this week.  Karns lost to West 7-65 on Friday.  Hopefully they will be able to comeback and get a W or atleast close that gap some this week.

Lenoir City will be starting off this week clean at Loudon, who got a little rusty against William Blount last week.  Loudon lost 7-40 and I don't believe things will get much better for them this week.

The final game The Blitz will be featuring is Oak Ridge at Farragut.  Oak Ridge did not play last week and I'm sure Farragut would like to forget their game from last week.  The Admirals suffered a tough loss to Dobyns-Bennett in the final seconds of the game.  They loss 20-21.  This week looks like it could end in their favor though.

Don't forget to watch The Blitz tomorrow night at 11 PM.

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