Ken Sparks still coaching despite his cancer spreading

Ken Sparks likes to joke that his favorite team he ever coached was in the one from 1904. It's a little sarcasm from a man who's coached for nearly five decades.

Throughout the changing of generations, he's managed to mend and mold his own style.

"I hope I don't adapt as far as principles are concerned. I think right is right and wrong is wrong, so I hope my principles don't change, but my methods do," Sparks explained.

Those methods continue to change as now Sparks has find a balance between coaching and his weekly cancer treatments.
Last year at the urging of his wife Carol, he went in for a physical, and that's when doctors diagnosed him with prostate cancer.
After surgery, doctors thought they caught it all, but then another diagnosis.

"Well you know the cancer spread to my bones. I'm getting some treatments that aren't much fun, because of some energy drain, but I'm still fine. I'm as mean as a snake, and everyone thinks I still need to get my life straightened out, but I'm doing ok."

Sparks explained why continues to coach despite his health issues. "I'm coaching because I felt like, and I know, God called me into the coaching part of it, and I guess he's got to call me out of it."

With 316 wins and 26 championships, there's not many more milestones left on the list. But it's also not why he's still in the game.

"Here's a milestone for me. I want more and more to be what my Lord has called me to be. I'll be honest with you, when I first got into coaching, I wanted to be the best coach I could possibly be. And I worked like crazy to do that. I'm still working hard to do that, but I think back then it was a lot more about me and the scoreboard. Now I hope it's a whole lot less about me and more about Him.


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