Fans mixed on Martin's departure

Cuonzo Martin's departure is the talk of the town. Vol fans have been sounding off on social media sharing mixed feelings about coach Martin's announcement.

Some fans said they're sad to see coach leave,while others are happy to see him go and are looking forward to the future.

Still others didn't even know what to say, because they were still in shock over the news that Cuonzo is going to California.

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"I don't think it's very cool at all," said UT student Jordan Dajani.

Coach Cuonzo Martin makes a move and stirs up conversation around Big Orange Country.

"At first I thought the whole drama with the Cuonzo Martin thing was over with after I heard he said he wasn't going to go to Marquette," said student Garrett Feemster.

"I am sad he's leaving. I mean he brought us to the sweet sixteen for the first time in a long time," said UT student Remy Devoe.

"After that run we made, it seemed that everyone was back on the cuonzo train again, I liked him," said UT student Alex Andino.

It was an announcement that hit the town through social media.

"Twitter was the first I heard about it. I knew there was a press conference or something, I thought it was about a contract negotiation, but the news broke and I was shocked," said Dajani.

It was a big shock on campus, not to mention the entire Vol nation.

"I'm not doing to great right now. I am pretty upset," said one caller into Tennessee Sports Radio.

"You don't typically think that your coach is going to leave this far after the basketball season. So it was completely a shock," said radio host Chris Treece.

The topic of the "Bring Back Bruce Pearl" petition was a big point of discussion and whether or not it had an impact.

"I will be honest, I signed the petition. Because I wasn't expecting a Tennessee run like they accomplished. I mean, who does that?" said another caller.

In the press conference with Athletic director Dave Hart, there was a sign of confidence going forward. Rocky Top is just waiting to see you will land in that spot.

"I am still in shock, but I hope we will get the right guy in place to lead this basketball program," said Treece.

Another big issue people were hoping to tackle is not having to look for another coach. They were saying consistency would be a nice thing to have and that only time will tell.


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