Film Study: Vols offensive performance vs. Ohio

Breaking down Tennessee's offensive performance against Ohio.

After watching the Tennessee-Ohio game again, the Vols look close to putting it together, but it seems like they have just one individual breakdown on a play here and there and it kills a drive.

They did start fast against Ohio with something slightly different in the run game.

The Vols opened things up with one of their favorite QB option plays, the power read, but they changed it up a little- running it out of a two-back set, or 21 personnel, something I haven’t seen them do yet this season.

Tennessee typically leaves the defensive end unblocked and reads him, they tweaked that a couple times this week. On the first play of the game, they leave the 3-tech defensive tackle unblocked. Dobbs reads him. He can either keep it and run behind the pulling guard Jashon Robertson or give to Alvin Kamara.

The ball goes to number 6 and he has two blockers out front, Ethan Wolf and Jalen Hurd,but what really makes this play is the great block by Josh Malone on the outside, plus Kamara’s speed to outrun everyone to the edge, 35 yard gain on the first play.

The Vols scored on one of Butch’s favorite pass plays through the years, short double post.


The goal is for Ethan Wolf to keep the safety occupied, clearing the middle of the field for Josh Malone’s skinny post route. That's exactly what happens, the safety hangs with Wolf just long enough for Dobbs to fit in a nice throw to Malone for the score.


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