Former Vol Arian Foster admits he took money while at UT

Former Vol Arian Foster has admitted to taking money during his senior season at UT, saying he had no money to buy food, according to an article in Sports Illustrated.

Foster, who was a star running back for the Vols from 2005-2008 and now plays for the Houston Texans, did a four hour interview in February with the producers of a documentary called Schooled: The Price of College Sports.

SI quotes Foster as saying, "I called my coach and I said, 'Coach, we don't have no food. We don't have no money. We're hungry. Either you give us some food, or I'm gonna go do something stupid.' He came down and he brought like 50 tacos for like four or five of us. Which is an NCAA violation. [laughs] But then, I walk up to the facility and I see my coach pull up in a brand new Lexus."

Foster said there were plenty of times when he to choose whether to pay rent or buy food. He said it was tough knowing how much money the university made off his efforts on the field.

Foster believes that college athletes, especially football and basketball players, should be paid.

"I'm a firm believer that an employee should get paid for his work," Foster added, according to SI. "And, 100 percent, I see student athletes as employees. Hiding from it is just cowardly."

There's been no comment yet from the University, former coach Phillip Fulmer, or the NCAA.


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