Interactive gigapixel panorama takes you inside the Battle at Bristol

A high-resolution 360-degree gigapixel photo taken at Bristol Motor Speedway is letting people search for themselves in the crowd.

The Battle at Bristol shattered the record for the largest attendance recorded at a college football game. Now, an extremely high-resolution panoramic photo taken at Bristol Motor Speedway is letting people search for themselves in the crowd.

In this recently released interactive gigapixel photo, fans can zoom in and tag themselves at the Battle at Bristol. It's going to be quite task, given they will have to sift through 156,000 other people in the crowd.

Blakeway Worldwide Panoramas created the photo which is made up of about 1,100 different photos and billions of pixels. The company's founder, Jim Blakeway, spoke with WBIR last year about how the process works.

Find yourself: Battle at Bristol gigapixel photo

The photographer on each project works to take photos of the sky and field before the game begins because those parts won't change. Then, it's up to them to quickly and accurately get photos of the rest of the stadium.

Amazingly, Blakeway said it's a process they've got down to about two minutes and forty seconds. 

"If we do it at a quarter break, you're really eating up that whole quarter break. You cannot mess that up so it's 'shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot,' and you just knock these images out," he said. 

While the end result is quite high-tech, Blakeway said the cameras they use aren't that sophisticated. He described it as professional gear, but off the shelf equipment.

Blakeway said he didn't know much about the Vols until he traveled to Knoxville seven years ago to shoot a panorama at Neyland Stadium. He said it was the first time he'd been at a stadium with more than 100,000 people. And since then he's become a big fan of Knoxville. 

Fans can order a framed panoramic of the enormous crowd at the Battle at Bristol on the Blakeway Worldwide Panorama's website.

For more information, go to the company's website.


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