Tailgaters getting set for world's largest football game

Early tailgating is underway at the Battle at Bristol

BRISTOL - The tailgating scene around Bristol Motor Speedway is already ramping up.

Fans from around the country have brought in their RVs and camping gear to experience the world's largest football game in person.

On Thursday afternoon, many of the lots surrounding the track still appeared to have plenty of open spaces but fans have been trickling in throughout the day. 

Those who've already set up camp are finding plenty of ways to enjoy the beautiful East Tennessee weather, including grilling, tailgate games, and even lounging in some kiddie pools. 

One group of Vol superfans from Morristown set up a 10-RV wide tailgate city they call “Motown Throwdown.”

“We started this morning at 5 a.m.,” said Bo Morrison, a resident of Motown Throwdown.  “This has been a year in the making, no kidding, from buying the tickets to getting everybody ready.”

Even getting tickets for the group was a task.

“Whenever they said they were going to put the tickets on sale, and I found out, we stood in line” said Russell Miller, another superfan. “Man, we stood for 10, 12 hours that day just to get a few tickets.”

All of the good eating takes a team effort.

“You divide and conquer so each family takes a meal from breakfast, lunch and dinner,” said Morrison.

Residents of this tailgate city say the word is already out about their good time.

“We’re getting phone calls left and right,” Miller said. “Like, where you guys at?”

Most of the group goes to at least one race at Bristol a year. They say it will be interesting to see the track they know so well turned into a football field.

“You know it really hasn’t sunk in yet that we are at a racetrack to watch a football game,” said Miller.  “I think it’s all going to be surreal whenever we walk in.”

In the midst of all the fun and games, this group is still focused on the real game they came here to see.

“The pregame is important,” Morrison said. “But the priority is the game for sure…we’ll have our game face on for tomorrow night.”

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