7 things you could buy for the cost of a Super Bowl ad

Everyone knows Super Bowl ads are expensive - one look here shows just how costly they've gotten over the years. As clearly as that chart tells the story, though, we wanted more: real-world examples of items you could buy for the (estimated) $4 million it takes to purchase 30 seconds of Super Bowl ad time. So we started looking - and found that $4 million can still take you pretty far in the world. Would you rather have a Super Bowl ad, or...

1) 36 average prime-time TV ads($3,922,416; note: as of 2011): In fairness, were one to take a random sampling of 36 prime-time shows across different networks, it's very possible the 36 shows' combined viewership wouldn't beat the Super Bowl's.

2)This place in Manhattan($3,950,000): It's billed hereas "a unique opportunity to combine two adjacent apartments to create a palatial 12 room apartment on West End Avenue." The resulting palace would have four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and the envy of your friends forever. (Here's the floor plan, so you can get a head start on that unique opportunity.)

3) A year of Steve Spurrier coaching your football team($4 million): South Carolina's Ol' Ball Coach recently got a re-worked contract following his Gamecocks' third straight 11-2 season - a contract that will pay him in a year what Super Bowl advertisers fork over for approximately one one-millionth of that time.

4) The second *and* third most expensive guitars ever sold at auction ($3.2 million-$4 million): They belonged to Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley, and the former played his at Woodstock. Another option for the music junkie with millions of dollars burning a hole in his/her pocket: just buy the most expensive guitar ever auctioned, and enjoy your $1.3 million you have left over.

5) This yacht($3,950,000): You can accommodate up to eight guests (along with two crew members) on this 84-foot luxury sailer, but do you really want that many people around you singing this?

6) A watch basically made of diamonds($3.5 million): Over 1,200 of them, to be more specific. A much more luxurious way to make your timepiece of choice shiny than this.

7) Snake Island, a private island off the coast of Wisconsin ($3.9 million): Snake Island has it all: 26 acres to roam, wooded areas to make you feel at one with nature, and a secluded 3,700-square-foot house for time alone with just you and your thoughts. Those thoughts: "Wow, I am rich."


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