Player Profile: Vols QB Joshua Dobbs

Patrick Murray catches up with Tennessee Quarterback Joshua Dobbs.

Patrick Murray sat down with Vols quarterback Joshua Dobbs to learn more about the man behind the facemask.

"What do you like to do, when you get that little bit of free time when you're not studying or working on football?"

JD: "I'm a big video game guy, I play FIFA, I play UFC and I play Grand Theft Auto."

"Who's the best FIFA player on the team?

JD: "Me, by far, by far."

"What's your go-to team?"

JD: "I play with Chelsea all the time, yeah, that's my squad."

"Who was your role model growing up? Or who's your role model now?"

JD: :Growing up, I watched a lot of 'Fresh Prince', so I was a big Will Smith fan, so I was a big Will Smith fan growing up. So that was a guy, I probably enjoyed watching what he did on camera, and then he did a lot obviously off camera. So that was a guy I looked up to."

"Do you have any hidden talents?"

JD: "I used to be able to play the piano. I can play the piano and saxophone, but that's about it."

 "When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?"

JD: For the longest (time), I wanted to be a lawyer. It was funny, my parents wanted me to be a lawyer, but I really didn't like reading, or English classes, those weren't my favorite classes, so it kinda got thrown out the door there."

"Who is your favorite superhero?"

JD: "Being a Will Smith guy, I liked Hancock. That was my favorite movie growing up, even though he kinda had the bad role, and then he turned into the good guy, that was probably my favorite superhero movie." 


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