Battle of the Bridge: a house divided

(WBIR-Loudon County) It's a rivalry that's 88 years in the making and it all revolves around a bridge. The rivalry between Lenoir City High School and Loudon High School goes far beyond the football field.

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Take it from Loudon County residents Santiago and Kristi Correa. They are a match made in heaven. They are both Spanish teachers in local high schools, they both share a love for sports, and absolutely adore their four children.

But, there is one little conflict of interest: the Battle of the Bridge.

"They dress up, they paint their face, they yell, they cheer."

That's how Santiago Correa describes the rivalry between Lenoir City and Loudon County High Schools. His wife, Kristi, agrees. She said it isn't based on one night or one game. It's a 24 hour, 7 days a week kind of thing.

"Kids are very competitive around here," she said. "This is my 6th year at Loudon and I've never seen anything like it before."

Through her six years as a Spanish teacher at Loudon, Kristi said she has grown to love the school, its passion, and the rivalry that goes with it.

"I love Loudon. We live here. My kids go here," she explained. "I am 100 percent Redskin all the way."

But for Santiago, he bleeds orange and black.

"When we don't play each other, I go to her games and she comes to our games," he said. "But when it comes to the rivalry, it's like you stay away from me during that day."

The Correa's said home life is full of trash talk and teasing. When they are at the game they sit on opposite sides of the stadium.

"We have two boys and two girls and our boys kind of tend to go toward their dad," Kristi Correa said. "The girls tend to stick with mom. So it's definitely a house divided."

Excitement for Friday continues to build in Loudon County and it's no different in the Correa household.

"We are getting excited for the big day and Friday," Kristi Correa said. "My kids are excited to get dressed up and go to the big game and stuff."

Santiago agreed and chuckled, "I think we're going to win."


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