Soccer player kicks Catholic to victory

This time last year, Knoxville Catholic senior Wyatt Price hadn't even thought about playing football.

"My step-brother and I usually go play soccer on Sundays," said Price.

One Sunday, Wyatt's step-brother decided to change it up.

"He was like, 'hey we should go kick the football this time, see if you're any good at it.' I was like, alright I'll give it a try," explained Price.

Wyatt went out and hit a 35 yard field goal on his first day, but he wasn't ready to quit. Price started working with former Tennessee kicker James Wilhoit.

"This time last year, he didn't know what he was doing, but he had the ability to strike a ball," said Wilhoit.

In 2004, Wilhoit hit the field goal that led the Vols to a victory over Florida. Now, he's coaching the next generation.

"The first day, I'd taken him from hitting 30-yard field goals to close to 45-yard field goals," explained Wilhoit.

"[Wilhoit] preaches the leg-lock technique," said Price. "That's where you get your leg, you get a foot's length away from the ball, where you're going to plant and completely lock your leg and you want to pull it back to your left cheek and then completely swing through."

Wyatt put his hard work to use in two close games this season: CAK and Hardin Valley.

"CAK was overtime," said Catholic head coach Steve Matthews. "It was 14-14 and it was a much shorter kick and we needed him to make a kick."

Wyatt did, and Catholic won, 17-14.

"There was 50 seconds left in the Hardin Valley game," said Matthews. "We had a 35-yarder to make to win the game."

"I was sitting there and I was like please put me in I'm so ready for this," said Price.

" [Wyatt] just looked at me and said 'coach i've got this' and went out there and hit it right through the middle," explained Matthews.

Catholic hosts Kingston for Homecoming on Friday night and if they need a field goal, Coach Matthews won't worry.

"You trust your players and you feel like you believe in all of them and have a ton of confidence in all of them and Wyatt is no different."


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