Taking a look around the SEC with Chris Low

ESPN's Chris Low discusses the SEC after week two.

Week two of college football is in the books, and it's time to take a look around the SEC.

ESPN's Chris Low stopped by to talk to WBIR sports anchor Patrick Murray about Tennessee and their rivals Georgia, Florida, and Alabama. 

Question on Darrin Kirkland Jr.: Darrin Kirkland Jr. is going to be out at least for this Ohio game, how important of a loss is that for Tennessee, and how long can we expect him to be out?

Low: "It's a big loss, and I think it's probably one of those players on defense Tennessee can least afford to lose. I would not look for Darrin Kirkland for several weeks. I think if Tennessee can get him back at some point in that stretch of four SEC games in four weeks, maybe the last game against Alabama, that would be a win. I think it's a pretty significant ankle injury, and I think Tennessee is going forward preparing as if their not going to have him for three, four, or five games."

Question on Florida: After this Ohio game, Tennessee's got Florida here at Neyland Stadium. They demolished Kentucky over the weekend 45 to 7, and held the Cats to 149 total yards. What impressed you about the Gators over the weekend?

Low: "They got better offensively. I was in Gainseville for that first game. I got to see them live and they really looked like they had some issues in the offensive line, and didn't have much of a running game, but they got better. I think (Luke) Del Rio is a quarterback that will get better as the weeks go on. I tell you what impresses me the most, is they're still outstanding defensively. They're deep up front defensively; they can come get you and force turnovers. They're as good a Florida defense as we're used to seeing."

Question on Georgia: Moving on to Georgia, they looked pretty good in week one against North Carolina, but then only beat Nicholls State by two. Nick Chubb held to 80 rushing yards, what did you see from the dogs?

Low: "Right now they're a team that  goes as Chubb goes, and I wonder how long they can ride him. They're playing a freshman quarterback most of the time, I still think (Jacob) Eason will be the guy for the bulk of the season. They're okay defensively, I don't think they're as good as Tennessee or Florida defensively. Tennessee plays in Athens so I think that's a little bit of an equalizer. You know my sense two weeks in, is those three teams (Florida, Georgia, Tennessee) are probably going to beat up on each other. It's going to go down to the tie breaker. Who plays whom in the other division, and who can get better, because none of the three, two weeks in, have been overly impressive." 

Question on Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts: Speaking of freshmen quarterbacks, Jalen Hurts at Alabama, another good game, is he the guy now?

Low: "I think he was the guy back in August. I had a chance to go watch Alabama practice for a whole day two weeks before the opener, and meet with Coach Kiffin and Coach Saban. They felt then like he was the guy. They just wanted to make sure that he earned it, and that everyone rallied around him on the team. It's tough to play a true freshman no matter where you are. At Alabama, with the kind of talent they get in year in and year out, it's even tougher. I think without question he is a creator, he can throw the football, he's a coaches son, and I think without question, he's going to be the guy going forward."

After Tennessee's game with Ohio on Saturday, the Vols will take the field against Florida, Georgia, and Alabama in three of their next four games. 


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