Football season underway, Peyton Manning kicks off his retirement

Sept. 8, 2016: Peyton Manning may be retired from the NFL, but he's keeping busy with his sponsorship deals and appearances.

For veteran quarterback Peyton Manning, the start of the NFL season has been a little different this year.

On Thursday, Manning was able to enjoy the NFL kickoff festival in Denver as the Broncos prepared for their game against the Carolina Panthers. With Manning taking a break from the field for once, social media buzzed about him at his retirement party in June, dressed in a suit, as reality finally started settling in for everyone that he’s truly retired.

Many have wondered what Manning plans to do in his retirement, and he has been making the best of it. The last few months he’s continued starring in commercials for DirecTV, Papa John's and Nationwide Insurance.

He also participated in the Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe, throwing jokes - not footballs - around with the professional comedians.

After putting away the No. 18, Manning has spent time vacationing with his wife, Ashley Manning, fishing with Dierks Bentley and continues touching the hearts of many fans.  

How Manning decides to spend the rest of his retirement will be in his hands. 

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