This year the Knoxville Zoo will be celebrating Mother's Day with two new deliveries of its own. A pair of European white storks are the newest residents of the zoo.

For ages, children have heard stories of storks delivering newborns to their mothers. The myth was most recently made popular in the 1800s by Hans Christian Anderson's short story "The Storks". Ever since these spindly legged fowl have commonly been associated with new moms.

Mark Armstrong, the zoo's bird curator, is impressed with the new additions.

"They do all kinds of neat things. European storks migrate routinely from Europe to Africa and back again. They can go 12,000 miles a year and that's just an amazing feat for any animal," he said.

Moms can gain entrance to the Knoxville Zoo for free on Sunday with the purchased admission of a child. For more information check out www.knoxville-zoo.org.

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