Moving to a new town can be a tough for people and pandas. Just ask Zoo Keeper Sarah Glass.

"All red pandas have different personalities. Some of them deal with new situations better. Luckily with cubs, cause they are a little more carefree, they don't have quite the dominance issues that adults might have, they tend to adjust to new situations and new pandas more readily," she said.

Lincoln is the latest red panda to call the Knoxville Zoo home.

"Lincoln was born at the Lincoln Children's Zoo in Lincoln, Nebraska and they have produced a very sweet cub. He's a very well mannered, nice young gentleman. In fact, Delilah is his new favorite. Xue Li is trying to mother him a bit and pin him down and groom him which I'm not sure he's entirely comfortable with. When we first built this building, we specifically put a nursery into it in case we had to hand-raise red pandas. Because we have this space available to zoos that don't have such an area, if they have an animal that needs to be hand-raised or a buddy to be hand-raised with, we have this space available."

Initial encounters can often be the cause of awkward conversation and sweaty paws.

"With adults they usually ignore each other. The cubs tend to see each other more as playmates so within five minutes of meeting they were playing together and romping and running around. Lincoln will actually be going to a zoo in Pueblo, Mexico who has a long history with red pandas and has been waiting for some more so he is going to be our international traveler," she said.

For now Lincoln can sit back an enjoy his new home.

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