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(WBIR) The Vols offense and defense aren't the only ones getting practice on Saturday. The Orange and White Game is a great opportunity for fans to perfect their tailgates.

Big Orange Nation knows a thing or two about setting up a fun party ahead of game at Neyland Stadium. Recently the Bleacher Report ranked Tennessee No. 1 for throwing tailgates.

So in honor of UT's newest accolade and the Orange and White Game, we've put together a fun list of things you can try at your tailgate.

Here are our top 10 recommendations:

1) Condiment caddy

Fill an empty six pack with your condiments so you transport your sauce around with ease with sauce. No one likes a bland meal.

2) One-time-use beer cooler

Create a one-time-use beer cooler using a plastic bag and a case of beer. Take out the beer, and line the box with a plastic bag. Fill it back up with your ice and beer - and voila - a cooler you can throw away at the end of the day.

3) Label, label, label!

Speaking of coolers, wouldn't it be easier to split your food up from your drinks? Bring two coolers, and label where you've stored things. These labels will come in handy when your guests are also scavenging for drinks, and it will keep them away from the food! (more below video)

Some exciting Do-It-Yourself ideas for making your tailgate a little bit easier.

4) Speakers on the go!

If you forget your speakers for your iPhone, put it in a cup to make the music extra loud!

5) Pack everything you need in tool kit or plastic drawers

Pack everything you know you'll need - utensils, tape, the like - in a tool kit or set of plastic drawers. Then you can just store it in the back of your car for next time.

6) Portable hand-washing station

All you need is a laundry detergent bottle to create a portable hand-washing station.

7) Paper towel holder

If you want to keep your paper towels off the ground and clean, trying hanging a roll from your ten by using just a bungee cord.

8) Dress up your tailgate table

Take a cheap green rug and tape it to your table to make it look like a football field.

9) Store utensils in cute holders

You can store your utensils in a cool way by painting cans to look like tiny footballs! Practically free and recyclable.

10) Car door as a bottle opener

Forgot your bottle opener? No problem! Open it with your car door.

Bonus: Use flavor ice to keep your drinks and food cold. The best part - you'll have a tasty treat after the game.

Double bonus: If you need lots of cup holders, try using a muffin pan.

Drew from Tailgate Tennessee offers his advice on packing a cooler correctly, as well as some other tips for hosting a tailgate!

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