Workers at the zoo are making sure the animals there stay safe and warm during frigid temperatures. 1-7-14

When the temperature drops, it's important to remember your pets and get them inside, but what if that pet lives at the zoo and is a lion? Staff at the Knoxville Zoo have things warm and cozy for their residents.

"We've given all animals access to dens, we have heat for them. We provide whatever they need to keep a little extra warm."

However not all animals stay indoors. Some of the zoo's residents actually don't mind the cold. "Red pandas, river otters, almost anything that's native to East Tennessee is pretty comfortable today. The red wolves especially, they're out running about. It's a little colder than they'd probably like, but they're doing real well with it."

Some zoo keepers even try to mimic the animals and how they stay warm. "How are myself and other keepers putting up with the cold? The key is layers. The red pandas are a wonderful animal for this type of weather. The have a really, really thick layer of fur so they are well adapted to life out in the cold. Even their feet, the bottom of their feet have fur on them. We're actually trying to emulate them right now, trying to have every inch of our body covered except for the tip of our nose and in this case covered up as well so just our eyes are showing."

Seems like everyone's cozy at the Knoxville Zoo.

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