After months of renovations and preservation, Knox Heritage held a grand opening on Tuesday for the historic Westwood House.

The Queen Anne style home sits behind a serpentine fence on Kingston Pike, near Cherokee Boulevard and not far from the UT campus. It was built in 1890.

Many people have wondered about the majestic home you could just see over that curving brick wall, and now they'll have the chance to go inside.

Knox Heritate received the home from the Aslan Foundation. They set a $3 million dollars fundraising goal to restore the home, and with the work complete, it now houses their executive offices. A museum is in the works, and it will also be available for event rentals.

"It opens up a whole new venue for us to do educational workshops, events, it will be an event venue for rentals to help offset the cost of maintaining the house. We think it's a great model for how preservation can be both practical and useful," said Kim Trent of Knox Heritage.

The house is open to the public until 2 pm on Tuesday.

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