Knox County leaders are turning to churches to help veterans deal with the stress of war.

Mayor Tim Burchett and the Knoxville Veterans Mental Health Council announced the "War Comes Home" forum on Thursday.

The event will teach churches how they can help veterans transition back to their lives at home and how can they be a source of comfort.

The group noted that veterans are five times more likely to seek help from their pastors when they come home,

"Let's not forget these are the guys and women who went out there and put their life on the line and they're coming back to a rural community that no one knows exactly what's going on," said Freddie Owens, Chairman of Faith-Based Community Group.

Leaders also want congregations to be a nurturing support group for veterans.

In addition, the forum will teach the churches how to help veterans locate the benefits, services and support they have earned.

That upcoming forum is May 1 from 9 am to 3 pm at the the Knox County Community Action Center. That's located in the L.T. Ross building at 2247 Western Avenue.

You can register online at www.tnvhc.org. For more information call Pat Gang at 865-253-2794.

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