Six sculptures created by UT students using scrap materials are now on display.

Gerdau's Knoxville steel mill donated more than 3,000 pounds of metal for the sculptures. They're on display at the historic Ivan Racheff House to celebrate National Recycling Month.

Gerdau has partnered with UT's sculpture department for the last four years to create the artwork. It teaches students to manipulate the raw materials and bring them back to life.

"This is recycled material and there's this notion of breathing life back into an object. Part of the undercurrent of that is using a natural form so you can see a lot of humanistic figures, animal figures in the objects that they have created, so using that notion of what does this material say? How can it be manipulated to fulfill this kind of dialogue in the object?" explained John Powers, UT assistant professor of sculpture.

The sculptures will be on display through May 30th.

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