(WBIR-Knoxville) Liveat5at4's @ Your Door: Halloween Edition premiered Wednesday. The three week contest showcases East Tennessee homes with the best Halloween displays. The winner of week 1 didn't disappoint our cameras.

Shane Lindsey lives on Lawson Avenue in North Knoxville. Like other @ Your Door contestants, Lindsey uploaded pictures of his Halloween decorations to the Liveat5at4 Facebook Page. Those images are then placed in a gallery on WBIR-TV's website.

The outside of Shane Lindsey's home is lit with Halloween lights and decked out with spooks. However, the inside of the house grabbed the attention of the show's team.

A cemetery changed the look of the traditional dining room. The living room now resembles a Gothic mansion. Red hand prints cover the kitchen's walls and appliances.

Liveat5at4's Stoney Sharp surprised Lindsey at the house. The homeowner told WBIR he started decorating for Halloween in September.