Ken Hill is a "fixer" with a talent for technology. Give him a problem and he sees it as a challenge. Show him people in need and he sees an opportunity.

"My whole family is very involved with mission trips. It really started with our children. My oldest daughter Emily had an itch to go on a trip to Mexico. We went there really not to do anything in particular other than just to be with these people, spend time with them, play games with the kids and things like that."

Ken is a member of Fellowship Church, a community of believers with a passion for mission work. "As a church, for years we've been sponsoring education and I think now there are upwards of 80 kids that are sponsored just through our particular church, through Fellowship. When these kids come home, we're thinking, well they're going home to places were they don't have computers, they don't have internet and they don't have a lot of resources that our children have to complete homework."

This was the spark that lead Ken and others to develop Teach Reach, a learning outreach organization with the focus of helping at-risk youth in remote areas around the world. "We have learning centers in two places in the world. The one in Mexico is actually in a city dump. Originally, people that live there, they are generations of scavengers so they actually live on the outskirts or sometimes in the actual city dump and the kids would help their parents scavenge for things that they would then sell. Our goal was to try and break the cycle through education.

After years of planning, Teach Reach became a reality and a launching point for young minds. "It was fun when we first started to see little children, sometimes 5 or 6 years old, that had never operated a mouse before and even to learn the basics that we take for granted. It's satisfying to see that, but it really sparks more of a thirst because you say that's really easy and it's really needed."

After completion of the center, Ken and his team traveled home, but in a sense they never left. Thanks to the newly installed internet, Ken stays connected with the little community in Mexico, constantly updating their learning software and connecting them with others who have a passion for teaching.

"We have online bibles in their native language and then a lot of the basic primary skills, mathematics and things like that. We want to see an expansion of involvement from here. Teach Reach is about, there's really three components to it. There's the computers themselves which is really just a conduit for learning and then there's the learning content that are on those and then there's just the hearts of people to make it all happen."

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