There was a big birthday celebration in East Tennessee as the guest of honor turned 106 years young.

The family of Margaret Ingraham celebrated in Kingsport Monday afternoon. She was born February 17, 1908 and is one of five sisters.

Mrs. Ingraham and her husband were married for 56 years and they had one son. And in 1990, she had her first granddaughter, Alexandra, who was also born on February 17th.

Since then, they've enjoyed a Sunday tradition.

"Every Sunday I come over here and we hang out for a little while and I'm just thankful that she's still mamaw. She doesn't act like a 106-year-old lady," said Alexandra.

Mrs. Ingraham was a nurse for 35 years. She said she loved taking care of people and is thankful a lot of nice people look out for her now.

She says her secret to looking so young is using Oil of Olay every day.

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