Charlie is a busy 3-year-old with a full schedule, just ask his mom Jessica. "He loves trains and trucks and playing and crawling all over the place and doing typical boy stuff."

On top of that Charlie has another job-- trying to get well.

"The orthopedist diagnosed him with an infection in his bone so we had to go and have different tests and MRIs and x-rays done," explained his mom.

Charlie's infection was confirmed, which led to surgery and a long healing process.

"The infectious disease doctor came in and talked to us and decided that the best form of treatment would be having a PICC line or a permanent IV put in his arm and him to receive home antibiotics."

A stay in a hospital can be trying on anyone, even more so when the patient has other things on his mind.

"We've been here nine days out of two weeks. We had to come back because the infection came back, so being here and trying to keep up with a rambunctious little 3-year-old in a hospital is a big task to undertake," said Jessica.

Luckily for Charlie, Home Health Services helps families in his situation receive a wide variety of treatment from the comfort of their own home.

According to Clinical Coordinator, Peggy Grindstaff, it can be very beneficial. "We go out to the homes to provide a service, a nursing service. We usually do iv antibiotics, wound care, teaching new medications for families."

It's a service vital to parents who are adapting to their child's condition. "Home Health will come once a week to change out the dressing around the PICC line. They'll take blood samples and send them to the doctor to make sure he's progressing in his recovery. They'll make sure we're doing everything we're supposed to, helping us learn as we go with this medicine. We want to make sure we're doing everything right that we're supposed to to help him get better," explained Grindstaff.

Home Health was also able to stream line the delivery method for Charlie's medication. "It's a little round ball, just a pump and they can just hook it up to his PICC line that's in his arm and he's still able to move about. Mom is putting it in his backpack so he can play and still walk around so he doesn't necessarily have to sit in a bed and be confined to a pump."

"It is more accommodating rather than carrying a big stand around everywhere we go and chasing him everywhere we go."

Thanks to Home Health, Charlie can focus on his more important job: being a happy toddler. "He has a 3-year-old twin sister who misses him terribly and they have such a great bond. They are having a hard time being apart. We're having a hard time being apart. We want to go home and become a family again."

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